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Restaurant in Kazan

Hospitality Kazantsev surprise all guests, from small to large know, here there are the most friendly people. And if you ask any passerby in the city of Kazan Where you can eat cheaply? You will prompt a special place in the heart of the city. Restaurant Bar Ostrovsky&Lounge, the address of this unique place Ostrovsky, 67-1.

Restaurant 7 days a week, Sunday-Thursday until 2:00 hours of the night, and on Friday and Saturday until the morning, since these days the restaurant turns into a nightclub with lively entertainment. Every day there is a discount 30% on the main restaurant menu. You will also appreciate the price of a business lunch. Perfect place for lunch.


"Ostrovsky lounge" — a fine example of the famous thorough approach to your restaurant.
The menu includes the most colourful dishes and the undisputed hits of world cuisine.

No dispute about the primacy of cities! The rivalry disappears at a hospitable table. Broad Kazan hospitality in an elegant atmosphere.

The burgers and steaks cooking beef on this grill. We have the best hookah, interesting menu and wide bar. Parking behind the hotel Bilyar. The Center Of Kazan. Daily discount 30% on all restaurant menus!


Restaurant Kazan

Tel.: +7 (927) 447 67 67 |

г. Казань, ул. Ostrovsky, 67-1


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Banquet hall in Kazan

Ostrovsky lounge bar – a unique restaurant in Kazan, which is a loft-space to implement any of Your ideas. Interior versatility allows you to create a holiday in any style: from beloved classics to the sharp-fashionable Art Deco. Here are relevant the most daring ideas and fresh solutions.

time and no sound

Free accommodation from
10 to 100 people

Russian, European

Average check
is 1000 RUB.

In our restaurant you can hold events of any format:

Wedding, Anniversary,
Birthday, Party

Corporate, Buffet,

Banquet, MICE

Presentation, Conference,

Business Breakfast

Seminar, The exhibition,

Lecture, Fashion show

Restaurant in Kazan

Daily until 17:00 discount on the main menu -30%
Hookah tobacco adaliya always 350 RUB, on the other – 600 RUB
Live music daily with 21:00

  • Skewers of chicken fillet is simply impossible not to love, if you don't like chicken skewers, the problem is, what have you tried incorrectly prepared dish. Recipes.

  • Шашлык – это любимое многими блюдо, которое надо уметь правильно готовить, so the meat turned out soft, juicy and well-done. This requires well-chosen

  • Ostrovsky restaurant lounge bar will be the best place for those, who is a connoisseur of meat dishes. The school uses only quality and the freshest meat lamb,

Daily until 17:00 discount on main menu -30%, The business lunch 250 RUB